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Change Your Mood in a Minute

Day before Full Moon, Wednesday, I dressed in black yoga pants and a terra cotta toned tank top. The day's color was orange and the terra cotta was close. I didn't feel quite right all morning. Something was off. I kept thinking should I change my clothes. So after I walked the dogs, I switched to red/orange/gold yoga pants with dragons and put an orange feather in my hair. It was literally an instant shift in how I felt! The bright colors made it feel like a brand new day, as if I had woken up, showered and started all over again.

Scent creates the same kind of shift. Yesterday my dog was skunk blasted first thing in the morning. Even after we cleaned him, he was distraught, rubbing his face on the floor, and refusing to eat. I think his eyes stung. To help freshen the air, I diffused peppermint and frankincense oils together. My dog came and laid right in front of the diffuser with his nose off the bed. He was naturally attracted and soothed by the essential oils.

In the afternoon, I met a friend for lunch. She's shouldering a lot of responsibility in her family right now and has been camping out in the hospital with her Dad. I shared a couple of drops of  doTERRA oils including Bergamot for optimism, Coriander for bravery and Basil for strength in the blend. We both responded to the sweet lightness and uplift as we rubbed it between our hands and breathed it in.

Small things like changing your clothes, adding color and healthy essential oils or even the aroma of good cooking can change your whole day. Color and scent powerfully affect your brain, stimulating memory, energy, and mood.

Find the color of the day at Robin's Zodiac Zone and RoZoYo.
Find certified, therapeutic grade essential oils from doTERRA at my link.
I can explain wholesale pricing which is significant savings over retail cost, so perhaps email me before you order or come to an afternoon or evening session on the oils at Willard Beach Studio. Let me know you're coming and I'll try to meet you there. Essential Oils and Gentle Yoga for your Zodiac Sign is an overview of oils that you may align with based on your Sun and Moon sign. Thursday, October 26th 6-7:30 pm join me for this special class.

I offer Essential Oils consultation by appointment, mainly on Wednesday afternoons. Feel how essential oils makes a difference. Email me for more info. If you come to the special class with yoga and oils for the signs, send me your birthday in advance and get the most from your experience!

Add a little color or a great scent to your day. I am currently diffusing Peppermint.

Check out the Yoga Collection, a really special box set. I'm at Willard Beach Studio this Sunday, October 8th to teach Yoga with Aromatherapy and I have the box of 3 oils there. Intoxicating in the best possible sense!

Addie Powers Johnson, Reiki healer, and I have a few spaces left in Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Aromatherapy at Scarborough Yoga next Sunday, October 15th. Sign up here or at Scarborough Yoga, in advance only. Registration closes when we are full or on Friday October 13th at 5 pm.

Addie doing Reiki at Maine YogaFest

Be part of it all! Peace to you!


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