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Snow Day Yoga Sequences

Here's a repost from last winter to help get you through the storm day. Feel better in your body with movement or long held still postures in the second sequence. This is great for kids too.

Many of the pictures have been borrowed from other sources and will be found if you google the posture name and search images. Some are my own, taken by Dylan Verner and Julie Bernier.

 My schedule is on the google calendar on this blog. Check the post prior to this one and scroll over each event for details.

This Sunday, Yoga Nidra guided mediation for Veterans begins at Portland (Maine) Community Squash at 66 Noyes Street. Spouses of Veterans are also welcome to attend this donation class. Dress comfortable and prepare to rest in one restorative posture while I guide the meditation. For any info you need, email me robinivy88@gmail

 To recharge, stretch and activate those muscles:

Child Pose
Toes can tough while knees are wide by the ribcage. Rock your head side to side to loosen the neck and soothe the forehead. (image from Yin Yoga website)

Activate all your strength in the legs, abs and back. Drag the hands toward the ribs rather than pushing down into the floor. Do this pose a few times in a row inhaling as you open the chest.

Upward Dog
Keep a bit of tone at your center as you press into the hands this time and into the tops of the feet to lift the thighs and knees as you extend the spine, similar to cobra. Take a few breaths and hold the pose.

Locust Pose
From flat on the mat or floor, engage all your muscles to lift everything up as if you could fly. Do this with arms by the sides or wide like a t shape or reaching forward by your ears. Try all 3. Also you could clasp hands at the tailbone and pull the hands away from the back as you lift up.

Step into a Forward fold.

Bend your knees as much as needed to take your hips over your heels. Feet can be further apart than this picture shows. Feet Under Hips. (image by Earth Angel Arts)

 Half Moon Stretch Left and Right
Crescent Lunge & Twists Left and Right
Keep the back heel lifted. From here reach up with straight arms.

Create the twist with one elbow to the opposite thigh, hands press together. You can make one into a fist if it hurts the wrists (images by Dylan Verner)

Legs Up
You don't need a wall. You can flatten your hands under your low back with palms face down as one option.

Rest on your back or side or stomach. Whatever feels best. And let your breath be natural. Maybe you'll fall asleep for a few minutes and that is totally allowed. (image from Congress Square Park Robin's Zodiac Yoga summer 2016.)

To unwind or relieve anxious or busy mind:
Child Pose (pictured above, first)*

Knees to Chest Pose

Keep your head down even if you need a pillow or a rolled mat under the head.

Cat (exhale) and Cow (inhale)

                                                 (image borrowed from Anessa Yoga blog)

Wide Leg Forward Fold with Lunges from Side to Side
and Triangle on each side

Wide fold does not require hands to be clasped. You can let hands touch the ground. Continue by bending one knee and moving in that direction with your hands and your upper body then go to the other side. Your hips and feet can move naturally as you flow from side to side. The stop on one side to take triangle pose with your back heel down and arms extended up and down. Press into both feet. 

Triangle Pose (images by Earth Angel Arts photographed at Sunflower Farm Creamery outdoor yoga in 2016)

This triangle pose is a selfie that maybe shows the legs and feet more clearly

Continue with
Legs Up*
(see images for both in the first sequence)

Here's hoping the storm passes with minimal inconvenience and safety and warmth for all!



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Snow Day Yoga

Snow day yoga! These short sequences will energize you if you're sitting on the couch or laying in bed all day.
Also, postures that can help if you're feeling anxious or get home from a snowy drive and need to unwind.

To raise your energy take deep, balanced inhales and exhales.
For calming and soothing, make your exhales longer than your inhales.

I collected pictures from here and there so they don't match, but you get the idea.

Happy snow day from DC to Maine and everywhere else experiencing this wild March storm.


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