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Robin's Zodiac Zone July 29th-August 4th 2018

The next eclipse is waiting in the wings for August 11th. Solar eclipse in Leo completes the hat trick of 3.  Rare pattern which is sparking rare events and unforeseen shifts.

Sunday: At 5:25 am EDT the Aquarius Moon opposes Mercury retrograde. This looks like quite the retro type day with unexpected visitors and communication from people that have been gone or away for a while. Keep options open and flex as the Moon is void from then until 7:28 pm EDT. Pisces Moon follows and lulls us to day and night dreams. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Pisces Moon in harmony with planets in Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio. Today is meant to be gentle on the emotions and good for grounding, planting and manifesting. Light Blue is today's color.

Tuesday: Moon meets Neptune and later opposes Venus in Virgo. Romance and relationships are on our minds. Creative inspirations arise. Romantic ideals may be short lived. Void Moon 642 pm EDT. Today's color is Pink.

Wednesday: At 6:54 am EDT the …

Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde (August 2018)

Hi friends! Mercury retrograde is in Leo this season, from July 26th to August 19th, 2018. It's not all bad! Honestly, I'm more concerned about Mars retrograde in Aquarius right by the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th, Friday. Mars agitates, and on the positive side, can activate when things are not moving along. However, the Sun, Mars and Uranus squaring and opposing in the fixed signs indicates willful tendencies and strong will pushing in a negative direction or with lack of judgment or care feels like a much more undesirable aspect than Mercury retrograde. 

You can enjoy Mercury retrograde by not pushing against the natural flow and by maintaining a low profile, enjoying the moment and refraining from long term commitments and plans as your mind is likely to change and different facts, solutions or potentials arise during or shortly after this cycle. 

Some of this is a repost from 2015. Many things with the RE prefix are Mercury retrograde concepts or words. Re-discover, re-join, r…