Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde (August 2018)

Hi friends! Mercury retrograde is in Leo this season, from July 26th to August 19th, 2018. It's not all bad! Honestly, I'm more concerned about Mars retrograde in Aquarius right by the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th, Friday. Mars agitates, and on the positive side, can activate when things are not moving along. However, the Sun, Mars and Uranus squaring and opposing in the fixed signs indicates willful tendencies and strong will pushing in a negative direction or with lack of judgment or care feels like a much more undesirable aspect than Mercury retrograde. 

You can enjoy Mercury retrograde by not pushing against the natural flow and by maintaining a low profile, enjoying the moment and refraining from long term commitments and plans as your mind is likely to change and different facts, solutions or potentials arise during or shortly after this cycle. 

Some of this is a repost from 2015. Many things with the RE prefix are Mercury retrograde concepts or words. Re-discover, re-join, re-unite, reconcile, retreat, re-do.

Reunite with friends or former colleagues you've lost touch with. Aquarius is a sign of friendships and community.

Team up with people you've worked well with in the past. This includes former employers, bosses, employees, and creative partners. You can go back to a job or employer while Mercury is retrograde (it's brand new jobs and situations that may not work out so well or change drastically later.)

Mercury retro in the sign of heart, Leo, will lead to revisiting love relationships to see if there's passion and potential.  (Do so with an open mind and a bit of reserve. You could change your mind before summer is over. But maybe not.)

Enter your creative process, go back to unfinished projects, and rediscover something you really enjoy.  Leo is the sign of loving life, engaging optimistically, taking pride in your abilities, and expressing from your heart whether you dance, write, sing, speak publicly, take a leadership role, teach or manage a business. 

Slow down. Consider delays a gift since they buy you more time to consider choices and make final decisions. Most importantly, FEEL for the answers rather than think them out. Notice signs along the way. You are guided. Tune in.

Vacation time is best with a simple schedule and flexibility for  changing plans

Get upside down and see what the ceiling looks like from the floor. Mercury retrograde equals time for a new perspective. Take your feet up more.

If you move carefully, with consideration, this is a good time to re-organize your space, paint or decorate especially to add color and brightness. What you might want to be careful about is sorting things to get rid of. Make a pile or box things up, but wait until after the retrograde to be very sure about your decision. Re-purpose or bring back items you lost track of that have use now! If you moved, this is a great time to unpack and rediscover things rather than shopping (which is not really recommended for these 3 weeks.)

Learn, read, reflect. Leo is a sign of learning and teaching. Review or read to refresh your memory and mind. Going back to books or topics you once had high interest in makes sense now. Any learning environment may be stimulating. However it's not the best time to register for courses and create a schedule mainly because ...schedules, plans, and the universe laughing out loud that you think you can do that. 

Having said that, I welcome you to Yoga Nidra Teacher Training for yoga teachers and others interested in this form of meditation. Training is September 14th-16th and early registration is $300 until August 15th. You can sign up at the regular rate from the 16th to September 12th. Sign ups close that day without exception. Yoga Nidra is a valuable practice you can offer to yourself and others for stress relief and deep rest. It is guided meditation with a sequence that addresses the 5 layers of our selves. Please allow me to introduce you to or strengthen your practice.

Full Moon Yoga at The Sunshine Factory in South Portland on Wednesday, July 25th (today!) at 7-8:30 pm and Monday, August 27th at 6-7:30 pm. I'd love to guide you through these Full Moons!

Yoga Nidra info below.
Enjoy your summer, all of it! When enjoying is not an option, be present and compassionate, with self and others.


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