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Refresh your Laundry!

Yes, today's post is about laundry. Two yoga teachers in the house, and we teach heated classes. These practices have changed our laundry routine, our clothes no longer hold remnants of sweaty practices, so our clothes last longer, smell better and this is much better for the environment. Everyone wins.

Rockin' Green Active laundry detergent. Wow. Older clothing, we thought was on its' way out, has new, fresh life! I can't recommend this highly enough. You can use it instead of detergent or you can add it to your laundry, and/or you can soak clothes in it for the more ground in smells you thought you'd never get rid of. Use this link to view or when you order. It lasts, You only use two small scoops in each load.

Alpaca balls. Never buy dryer sheets again. That's it. Find them on Etsy or maybe a local farm store.
Here's one link. Use two balls for best results. Note: They fall out when you remove the laundry from the dryer and hide in sheets. I've gotten…

Bob Nelson's Memorial Fund & Yoga Benefit Class

Dear friends,
Our friend, dentist, yoga teacher and part of this community passed away unexpectedly in May. Friday, October 5th we'll hold the second donation class in his name, with his music, and his spirit of loving life! Four teachers will lead the class. I'll take part in the teaching and I've got his second playlist in the works now. Here's a screen shot of the music played during the first benefit in early September. Bob loved music! Spending time with Bob was a guest dj experience and a musical history discussion. Favorite Zeppelin song, favorite Beatle, Vampire Weekend tour, Grateful Dead shows long past, these were some of the topics I remember us hitting upon, not to mention dancing in his kitchen to the Rolling Stones last winter. 
Join us whether you knew Bob or not, as this will be a celebration and will help some students who need assistance to pursue educations in dentistry. 
Bob's office is/was A Perfect Smile on route 1 in Falmouth. 
I'd love …

Back to Blogging: Tonight's Playlist

I'm getting back to this space to make more posts about things that maybe you'll benefit from and enjoy. Yoga and music and tarot and astrology and thoughts on self care, occasional meditations you can listen to and whatever else comes.

Tonight is Yoga for the Lunar Cycle, a 4th Wednesday series happening at The Sunshine Factory, a new-ish spot for healing arts and wellness, in the castle at Brick Hill in South Portland.

Not all of you can be there, though I hope you jump in sometime if you're local. You certainly can drop in, or take the series. It's designed to align you with the current astrological situations and also to guide you on  your own journey, to find your lunar rhythm, acknowledge yourself and feel fully alive.

Give a listen to this month's playlist and maybe you'll absorb some of what's in store for tonight's physical and meditative practice.

Peace & good vibes to you!

Link to the whole playlist…

Yoga Nidra Intro & Personal Immersion this Friday

This Friday there is still space in the Yoga Nidra Intro, Refresher and Personal Immersion for yoga teachers, health professionals, and anyone interested in jump starting their yoga nidra practice. This guided meditation requires just your presence. You'll understand how the brain and body respond to this restorative form of meditation. We'll practice yoga nidra, learn a bit about how it works, debrief and discuss in the welcoming atmosphere of Scarborough Yoga in the Oasis wellness center in Scarborough, Maine. The workshop runs 11 am-5 pm. Bathrooms are on site and there is a refrigerator for your snacks or lunch. We'll take a short break or two, but bring food and drink you need. On a nice day you can sit outdoors at the picnic table, in the sunshine.
This spacious building has several rest rooms and spaces outside the studio, and it's quite a comfortable place to spend the day.

Wear comfy clothing. There's no need for yoga clothes. Come as you are, prepared to …