Back to Blogging: Tonight's Playlist

I'm getting back to this space to make more posts about things that maybe you'll benefit from and enjoy. Yoga and music and tarot and astrology and thoughts on self care, occasional meditations you can listen to and whatever else comes.

Tonight is Yoga for the Lunar Cycle, a 4th Wednesday series happening at The Sunshine Factory, a new-ish spot for healing arts and wellness, in the castle at Brick Hill in South Portland.

Not all of you can be there, though I hope you jump in sometime if you're local. You certainly can drop in, or take the series. It's designed to align you with the current astrological situations and also to guide you on  your own journey, to find your lunar rhythm, acknowledge yourself and feel fully alive.

Give a listen to this month's playlist and maybe you'll absorb some of what's in store for tonight's physical and meditative practice.

Peace & good vibes to you!

Link to the whole playlist

A screenshot of the first portion


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