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Bob Nelson's Memorial Fund & Yoga Benefit Class

Dear friends,
Our friend, dentist, yoga teacher and part of this community passed away unexpectedly in May. Friday, October 5th we'll hold the second donation class in his name, with his music, and his spirit of loving life! Four teachers will lead the class. I'll take part in the teaching and I've got his second playlist in the works now. Here's a screen shot of the music played during the first benefit in early September. Bob loved music! Spending time with Bob was a guest dj experience and a musical history discussion. Favorite Zeppelin song, favorite Beatle, Vampire Weekend tour, Grateful Dead shows long past, these were some of the topics I remember us hitting upon, not to mention dancing in his kitchen to the Rolling Stones last winter. 

Join us whether you knew Bob or not, as this will be a celebration and will help some students who need assistance to pursue educations in dentistry. 

Bob's office is/was A Perfect Smile on route 1 in Falmouth. 

I'd love to see you at South Portland Greener Postures studio Friday the 5th at 6 pm for an hour of movement and songs.



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