Refresh your Laundry!

Yes, today's post is about laundry. Two yoga teachers in the house, and we teach heated classes. These practices have changed our laundry routine, our clothes no longer hold remnants of sweaty practices, so our clothes last longer, smell better and this is much better for the environment. Everyone wins.

Rockin' Green Active laundry detergent. Wow. Older clothing, we thought was on its' way out, has new, fresh life! I can't recommend this highly enough. You can use it instead of detergent or you can add it to your laundry, and/or you can soak clothes in it for the more ground in smells you thought you'd never get rid of. Use this link to view or when you order. It lasts, You only use two small scoops in each load.

Alpaca balls. Never buy dryer sheets again. That's it. Find them on Etsy or maybe a local farm store.
Here's one link. Use two balls for best results. Note: They fall out when you remove the laundry from the dryer and hide in sheets. I've gotten used to it. They're great! And even better when you put a drop of doterra oils (or your brand) on each before you dry. We use lavender or lemon most often. I wouldn't ever use a fragranced detergent or dryer sheet, ever. I strongly suggest you rid your home or that toxic, allergy inducing stuff and go natural. Much better, much healthier scent or go unscented without the oils.

Happy laundry day!


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