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Yoga Nidra Intro & Personal Immersion this Friday

This Friday there is still space in the Yoga Nidra Intro, Refresher and Personal Immersion for yoga teachers, health professionals, and anyone interested in jump starting their yoga nidra practice. This guided meditation requires just your presence. You'll understand how the brain and body respond to this restorative form of meditation. We'll practice yoga nidra, learn a bit about how it works, debrief and discuss in the welcoming atmosphere of Scarborough Yoga in the Oasis wellness center in Scarborough, Maine. The workshop runs 11 am-5 pm. Bathrooms are on site and there is a refrigerator for your snacks or lunch. We'll take a short break or two, but bring food and drink you need. On a nice day you can sit outdoors at the picnic table, in the sunshine.
This spacious building has several rest rooms and spaces outside the studio, and it's quite a comfortable place to spend the day.

Wear comfy clothing. There's no need for yoga clothes. Come as you are, prepared to relax and sit on or close to the floor.

Investment $108

Register in advance only, by Thursday morning at 10 am.

Sleep better, release anxiety, address emotions and unresolved experiences, learn to rest, move through the external clutter on a journey to your most deep and true self. First time or practiced, no experience is needed. Come to begin or to reintroduce yourself and revitalize your meditation practice. Yoga Nidra is completely guided. I'd love to welcome you this Friday.


a restorative yoga nidra posture

Scarborough Yoga Studio

photo by Lauren Scozenski


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