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Testimonials & Feedback

It was an absolute joy to host Robin at Freeport Yoga Company.  She has such a great way about her from the way she connected with each student before we began the workshop; how she seamlessly tied in the yoga element; and the way she conducted the personalized readings.  The entire afternoon had a very easy and relaxed flow, and everyone was soaking up every word she spoke.  Robin is truly gifted and I learned so much from her. I cannot wait for another opportunity to be her student! 
Terry Cockburn (Studio Owner, Freeport Yoga Company

Thank you Robin for an illuminating training! (Diana Lee, Sea Change Yoga)

Our weekend with you was enriching, insightful, well rounded and medicine for mind, body and soul. Look forward to more experiences together. (Sea Change Yoga teacher, 2017)

I did this training with Robin Ivy Payton in September. It's fabulous. It might be calling your name... Cathy Gurney (public school teacher on Yoga Nidra Training and Immersion certification)

Just wanted to let you know that everyone loved your class today! You got several different compliments. Thanks again for all your hard work! =D
 Rachael, Fitness Specialist, Corporate Fitness Works

I've come to Robin for many readings over the past 8 years, and I'm continually struck by her insight and ability to interpret information for me in a way that moves me forward on my path.  I've relied on Robin to guide me through several crossroads over the years, and I've developed a trust in her abilities and intuition, which are coupled with her integrity and compassion.

 (Renee, May 2013)

photo by Regina & Marc Bartholomew
I absolutely loved your workshop, and haven't stopped talking about it. I really want to come take another class. I see you're teaching tomorrow. I'll try to make it if I'm off work in time. Thanks so much and again it was such a pleasure meeting you! (Brandi, October 2013)

Hi Robin,
Just wanted to thank you again for today. You are so friendly and very in tune to the people around you and their various states of energy. The class was personal, interesting, relaxing, and just challenging enough to be very fun. I learned SO much.
Your words about July 8th and the time leading up to it as being tumultuous was so relieving! That class was so comfortable, and the mixture of yoga and astrology gave me a feeling of true self-healing and pampering that I needed desperately. Thank you so much for your words on career. Last year, I turned down a publishing contract from a company that wanted way too much, and I self published a Young Adult thriller set in Salem, Mass, where I'm from.
 (Lynda, May 2013)

So loved your Yoga Astrology workshop on Saturday at the Freeport Yoga Studio! Thanks for sharing your yogi wisdom and super-cool poses - and how totally cool to meet you in person! Big love and namaste.
(Lisa, June 2013)

I so enjoyed your presentation at Rasa-Lila Fest! I hope to meet you again soon for a workshop! (Linda, October 2013)

Thank you so much! I always handle things better when I know what the planets are doing but I'll do a lot better now with your perfect way of explaining it. (Mary, October 2013)

This class was one of the single best things I have ever done for myself! It was just perfect.
(Erin, July 2013)

photo by Dylan Verner


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