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Thank you for joining me and welcome to RoZoYo®, a new take on your yoga practice. 

As Above, So Below! Movements of the Moon, Sun, and planets influence our activity here on earth. Electro magnetic energy generated in space radiates from all the heavenly bodies affecting conditions on our planet. Think of astronomical high and low tides and sunburns as examples of how we can see this.

We breathe it in.  Energy from the ethers mixes with the earth's atmosphere and we breathe it into our bodies. Prana, our life force, is created, inhaled and internalized.

Astrological correlations with the physical body and human experience are found in many belief systems and traditions.
One of the most notable is the Vedic system. Jyotishis, Vedic astrologers, used yoga to facilitate individuals navigate the challenges and opportunities presented in their birth charts due to placements of the Sun, Moon and planets in the houses, or sectors, of the chart. The state of and probability of a person's health can be determined by their chart in the Vedic tradition, and yoga was used as a method of remedying physical conditions or tendencies as well as a tool to maximize strengths and opportunities. 

Vedic Wheel
Below is a Western representation of Zodiac correlations with the human form. Much like the Vedic correlations, the astrological rulerships move from Aries at the head to Pisces at the feet.  
Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry from Limbourg brothers (Dutch, 1411-1416)

Two different perspectives are depicted in the diagrams above, and both relate to the elements and how our bodies vary in their tendencies, relationships to the elements, to foods, and to all we take in. Astrological cycles influence our experience in our minds and bodies too. 

As Above, So Below! Pranayama (breath), asana (posture), and meditation can vary throughout the month and year to align us better with  the cycles of the heavenly bodies. Adapting and designing the practice for the astrological weather is supportive to the mind, body and spirit! For example, sometimes a vigorous practice is contraindicated by the Full Moon. Sometimes a focus at the hips is favored to align with change and movement in the universe. These are two examples of how the RoZoYo® practice is endlessly creative and versatile. You can tune in  more closely to your own cycles, increase body awareness and find insight or clarity by moving and breathing for the current cycle. 
Mudra by Alex Grey
Energy is transmitted to the brain when we practice Mudra, the physical seal we create by joining parts of the body. Mudras made with the fingers and thumbs are said to work with the organs and body systems to maximize health. Vitalizing, replenishing and minimizing or eliminating qualities or symptoms are some of the effects of a mudra.  Each finger and part of the hand has a planetary, solar or lunar rulership, and therefore energizes the quality of that planet, element or sign for the mind and body.  The mudra pictured above is very commonly practiced. The index finger is Jupiter ruled and as it seals to the thumb the quality of wisdom is activated. Jupiter is the planet of higher learning, philosophy, and global thinking. Venus, the thumb, represents harmony and symmetry.  Orderly thinking and a balanced, open mind are qualities of the wisdom mudra.
Mudra can also be added to the practice to enhance the astrological energies present and the lunar phase. There are mudras of water, air, earth, and heat and mudras for release as well as for expansion.
Mudras are practiced and explained in astrological context in RoZoYo® classes and workshops. 

On March 21st, Riverbend Yoga Studio in Yarmouth, Maine will host a full RoZoYo® workshop with yoga & gallery style readings for all signs. 
Celebrate the Spring Equinox with movement, breath, & insight into spring astrology for you including the impact of two eclipses in Libra/Aries and Taurus/Scorpio.  1-3:30pm $40
Advance registration at

Your forecasts for each week are also on the RoZoYo® site and find your sign weekly in the Portland Phoenix free newspaper in the Portland, Maine area and online

Happy New Year!

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