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Cooling Yin, Feeling Spacious: Yoga for a Hot Spell

For tonight's Deep Stretch I put together a sequence intended to feel very spacious in the body, and with all that openness in our postures, hopefully to create a sense of relief from the heat. I also made a spray with frankincense (good for post-sun skin) and peppermint (icy cool) in distilled water. It's chilling before class. I'll offer to spritz the feet later on as we begin to rest.

Starfish posture-Lay on your back with arms and legs wide, like a starfish. Deepen breaths and focus on longer, open mouthed exhales. 7 minutes

Crescent Moon shape on the back. Arms up by ears and reaching over to the left as the feet also reach to the left like a crescent or banana. Follow with the 2nd side. 5 minutes on each side

Supported fish with one block at the shoulder blades and one under the head. At home you can rool up blankets or fold a pillow. Choose the height of the yoga block according to how it feels when you recline. Arms wide like in starfish, to open the chest and welc…

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