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Yoga Nidra Info & Intro

 Hi Everyone!  I'll be offering a Yoga Nidra teacher training on April 24th and 25th. Sign ups close this week as there are two books to order and read before training. Sign up at either Breathing Room or Scarborough Yoga . Intro to Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra guided meditation cultivates the ability to meet life in each moment, as it is.  As the body and mind rest deeply, one becomes more open, and this openness may lead to experiences of true nature, authentic self, and the state of bliss. The practice of yoga nidra allows for simply ‘being’. In this process the number of thoughts slows down and the brain waves reflect that as they shift. Thinking mind rests. One may become the observer, the witness to self. In deconstructing feelings, thoughts, experiences and judgements, you may become aware that you are not any of those things, and that they wax and wane, are temporary and shifting, and may come up for release. Yoga Nidra is actually the state one achieves or approaches during the

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