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Ropes, Slings and Chairs Yoga & 2020 Schedule

2020 is about to start. I asked my husband, Jared, today, 'how did we get here?' There's no one answer, yet here we are. I didn't know one decade ago that my career would totally change. I left radio in 2013 and never looked back or took another radio gig other than some zodiac zone broadcasts, which I also let go over time.
On January 3rd I start with my first group of yoga teacher trainees with Maine Yogafest School of Yoga. On January 15th I offer a new class which becomes a series on February 5th with Ropes, Slings and Chairs, a unique class at TULA Wednesdays at 4:30 to begin with. I'll be teaching in Jacqui Bonwell's 300 hour in Massachusetts and in Jennie's 300 hour at Arcana in Portland later this spring/summer. I'll be teaching Yoga Nidra training and workshop at Breathing Room (where I taught yoga nidra training first in 2014!) February 28th, 29th and March 1st. Friday the 28th is the Intro class and anyone can sign up for just Friday. I didn…

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