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I've been getting produce this summer from Casco Bay Organics, a new delivery service and there is no extra charge for getting produce delivered right to your door! Nice. I've been pleased with my first two boxes at $29.00 each. I get the small box but there are other options. Go to to find out more

I've gotten avocado, all kinds of greens including kale, fair trade bananas, peaches, mango, tomato, and several more items.

Here's a blurb from this week's order email. We'll have peas this week and berries soon!

You get an email Tuesday, look at the list, let them know if you need any substitutes and voila on Thursday afternoon you get your order!

Sounds delicious! Not being a very regular food shopper and living solo at the moment, this is working out great so I eat more veggies and don't go hungry! I grow my own strawberries so I've made some sweet blender drinks with the greens and mangoes. Rock on CBO!

My Fellow Foodies!
I have good news. I decided to quit my war against the spotted wing drosophila and send loving emails to every farm I could to find strawberries. Make love not war, right? Well it's working!! I've had emails coming back from farmers and strawberries are on the horizon for the next couple weeks. I am going to be meeting with farmers this week to settle on the most scrumptious of the bunch, though I'm sure they are all delicious. But for you guys...only the best!
What's going on this week? I've had a bunch of requests (THANK YOU) and I did my best to meet them. Your kitchen will be seeing some tasty Heirloom Tomatoes, Rainbow Carrots, Dandelion Greens, Red Grapefruit,  and even PEAS from our buddy Farmer Kev. Alert! Sound the horns!!!! We have a new farm crush:) Woo Woo!
Before I leave you to check out what other goodies are available I would like to take a minute to introduce something new we are starting. As many of you know, we donate all of our extra produce to the Preble St. Resource Center. They love the food but I was wondering if we couldn't do a little something more to help out. I can up with 'The Item of The Week' Program. Each week I will let you all know what it is and if you have it or would like to purchase for donation our driver's will collect the items and we will donate them to Preble St. on behalf of all of us. This weeks item is a Toothbrush. Let's all work together to help out our community!
1st box from Casco Bay Organics


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